For those who want to still hold onto their indie spark, but are ready to go pro, or for seasoned professionals craving a new edge to their old look, a powerful branding identity will become your greatest asset.

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Having an identity is an inevitable part of professionalism. We have a great team of creative designers and writers who can bestow you with a unique brand identity. Apart from logo designing we are indulged in the entire related scenario with branding like brand naming, taglines, designing and content creation for your marketing materials.

Logo is an abbreviation of the longer, fancier word: logotype. It's made up of the Greek words logos meaning 'word', and typos meaning 'imprint'. We all remember and can bring to mind the most famous logos; they are a big part of our day-to-day lives because they make an impression, and instantly tell us what a brand is all about.

Marin Infotech know logo design is one of the most important and hardest parts of branding. You need a strong logo that shows the spirit of your organisation, and captures the imagination of customers. Logos mustn't get old, and need to be used in heaps of different ways, sizes and places.

That's why Marin infotech work closely with you. We make sure we know exactly what your values are, and what your brand is all about. We study your customers and key competition closely, then create a concept and execute initial designs and pick colours for your approval and market testing.

Only once you and Marin infotech are satisfied this is an amazing design, we finalize the logo and roll it out in all the formats you need.

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